Transforming Information into Intuitive Insights


At Visual Room, our aim is to make digital services as accessible as possible for users from all backgrounds. This is particularly important in the enterprise, where true meaning can often be lost behind a barrage of raw figures and technical reporting that can only be parsed by highly trained specialists. But if your organization’s key stakeholders are to make optimal strategic and operational decisions, they need to be able to monitor and filter these insights directly.

Visual Room presents all your data in simple visual contexts such as: heat maps, charts, bar graphs, infographics and geographic maps. These clean, aesthetically optimized viewing formats should help clients understand and interpret the opportunities and vulnerabilities faced by their critical business processes at all times.

We can help you:

  • Identify and metrics and KPIs that drive your performance.
  • Make sense of both qualitative and quantitative market research.
  • Build interactive dashboards that reflect these metrics in the most intuitive manner.
  • Filter out inaccurate data sources, so you always have the right information at hand.
  • Recognize patterns between data trends that can inform your long-term planning.
  • Create customized data visualizations that suit your specific needs.

While every company’s story is unique, comprehending it doesn’t need to be difficult. We can extract meaning and purpose from even the most complex business environment.

    Data Visualization

    In order to understand your business requirements, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing data environment to understand the ideal format and scale of a conceptual implementation.

  • Data Analysis
  • Trends & Insight Reports
  • Analytics Platform

    Based on this evaluation we identify data sources as well as visualization technologies that will allow us to communicate complex information in the most effective manner.

  • Google Analytics
  • MS Power BI
  • Tableau
  • JS and Open Source
  • Instructional Design

    We will also help you and your teams make the most of these new implementations by providing specialized training that covers all the capabilities of the new visual interface.

  • Learning Analytics
  • E-Learning Courses